B2B Trading & Counseling services

B2B Trading Services

TCL-International is a globally operating B2B trading company. We are specialized in Food & Feed products, which we deliver to companies worldwide against highly competitive prices.
In line with that, TCL-International offers a range of reliable business services. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of transport and logistic processes we are able to take care of virtually every trading challenge. Our network consists of highly specialized partners, together with whom we can guarantee a smooth and flawless chain of supply.

B2B Trading Counseling

The international legal environment involves a large amount of paperwork and extensive planning. An important element of our service package is counseling. In many cases this will consist of helping you to ensure that all requirements in terms of product regulations and certifications are met. Assistance with international customs clearance is one of our fields of expertise.

Our multilingual staff speaks fluent English, Dutch, German and Chinese. Our intercultural expertise enables us to quickly anticipate changes in legislation and regulations. Contact us to find out how our counseling expertise can contribute to improving your business results.