The healing power of nutraceuticals.

A nutraceutical is a natural ingredient that contributes to optimal health. By adding the right amount of nutraceuticals as a supplement to your diet, many complaints can be prevented or reduced. It can also help to stimulate certain effects.

The term ‘nutraceuticals’ originated from an amalgamation of the words nutrient and pharmaceutical-therapeutic.

Why nutraceuticals and not synthetic drugs?

The production of synthetic medicines goes through various chemical process steps. In addition, nutraceuticals are natural products, so no side effects can occur. The substances contained in nutraceuticals are completely broken down by the body. The supplements can be used preventively because they are not harmful or addictive in the long term.

Why is one active ingredient not enough?

Combining the best of several natural ingredients, it enhances the effect and helps to reduce various symptoms. To create the most effective compound, Logidex partners with several research centers, including the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Turin.

Benefits of Logidex Nutraceuticals

  • They have a preventive ability
  • They help fight viral and bacterial infections
  • They help slow down aging
  • They are not addictive or harmful
  • They improve physiological functions and help maintain cholesterol, reduce complaints of arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, insomnia and stress